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Meet Michelle Carter… she is Bowerbird’s resident vintage jewelry aficionado!  She resides in Peterborough with her hubby and has 4 children, grown and off to college!

Stanley Hagler

Baubles and Beads ….

Vintage costume jewelry, like most things that are
considered “collectable”, are quite rich with history and full of avant–garde designs.
There are many sought after designers. The one I want to talk about today is
Stanley Hagler. Anyone who enjoys collecting vintage jewelry is eventually
going to find out about Stanley Hagler’s fabulous designs and realize their collection to date may be
rendered slightly lacking.

Max Bling!

Max Bling!

It is said Hagler got his start in one of the large design houses
and seemed to be inspired by the big designers of the time ,such as Miriam
Haskell, Elsa Schiaparelli and Hattie Carnegie. Evidently, a friend dared him
to design a piece of jewelry. He took the dare and said he would design
something fit for a Queen and he did. Unfortunately, the Queen did not purchase
it, but the Duchess of Windsor did. His career started out with a bang and
there was no looking back.

Fit for a Duchess?

Hagler jewelry can be identified by the layers of
elaborately detailed hand work with some pieces hand wrapped on color seed
beads and seed pearls set on Russian Gold plated filigree along with Swarovski
rhinestones, colored stones, crystal pearls, various colored cabochons, glass
head pins and natural dyed Mountain jade pressed beads.

Whew, in other words,only the best. Imagine the hours that go into creating these individual works
of art. Yes, his designs are over the top and opulent. No we won’t wear them
everyday. But, when the occasion arrives that we get to break it out… a
statement will be made.

Bowerbird is proud to say that Michelle brings us only the best…

May I Brooch the subject?

Best Baubles and Beads

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